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Cafes are often strategically located to allow for maximal consumer turnover, no matter the demographic. We have identified through our café database which demographic these cafes belong to; allowing you to easily identify a ‘Target Audience’.


As an advertiser it is of the highest importance to engage a consumer whom will most desire your product or service. Charitycups.org will tailor each campaign to the demographic which your company is attempting to engage with. Our algorithm written for our cafe database immediately identifies the most suitable cafes for your targeted audience.


 Our mobile cafes also allow you to target specific events, areas or multiple demographics. As each marketing campaign is different, charitycups.org will endeavour to create a strategy to allow for maximum exposure to your desired client.


charity cafe

The charity café distribution option is made possible through our partnership with an up and coming mobile coffee company. For an extra charge per cup, the benefits of choosing this distribution channel is that through offering free coffee to the consumer; your brand can target a specific location or event in addition to distributing large quantities of branded cups to your desired demographic in an effective manner.



Charity Cups


At charitycups.org we provide you with the most innovative marketing strategy to generate you more clientele and business sales. Your branded coffee cups are provided free to participating distributors; with a percentage of our proceeds from every single cup ever distributed to your elected charity. We strongly believe that the right business model can change society in a positive way; and through utilising our business model, consumers will forever see your brand in a positive light. Enhance your business’ reach and advertise with a difference through charitycups.org. Join our mission to a brighter, more positive future for all.


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