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Dino Mehinagic / Ops. Manager

TM Loans Pty Ltd.

"I’d like thank to Charity Cups for hitting the exact demographic I was targeting.."


    "Our brand, distributed right in the middle of Brisbane, straight into the hands of White Collar Consumers. I’d like to thank Charity Cups for hitting the exact demographic I was targeting with this 8 week campaign launch. " - Dino Mehinagic

Kristijan Gorgijeski / Owner

Rollin Bean Cafe.

"Free cups! What more could I want?."


    "Free cups! What more could I want? These suckers are deceptively expensive and will gladly take them. The fact that I feel like I am part of a process which is achieving a greater goal only adds to my satisfaction of reducing my costs!" - Kristijan Gorgijeski

John Leary / Executive Director

Trees for the Future.

"Thank you so much for your generous contribution to Trees for the Future.."


    " Thank you so much for your generous contribution of to Trees for the Future. Without your support, and that of other caring friends, we would not be able to train thousands of farmers, help tens of thousands of people improve their lives, and plant millions of trees throughout East and West Africa." - John Leary

UNICEF / Australia Team

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

"Thank you for your generous donation to Nepal Earthquake Appeal.."


    "Your support will be used to send urgent assistance to the children and families of Nepal. We are [using your donation to] mobilise staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the earthquakes. UNICEF is already supporting tankering of water and provision of oral rehydration salts and zinc supplements to people gathered in informal settlements, and providing tents for field medical facilities, using supplies already prepositioned in the country. Thank you for your support of the children of Nepal." - UNICEF Australia Team.

Chrisney Howard / Architect

Charity Cup Consumer

"Amazing idea... I hope this catches on globally!"


    “Amazing idea, If only other business thought about how they could make a change, then perhaps we wouldn't have all of the social, economic and political problems that we do. Hope this catches on globally!” - Chrisney Howard.

Edan Dalton / Managing Director

Aura Visual Design Studio

"It was quick easy and most importantly very effective.."


    "I’d like to thank Charity Cups for the seamless and simple approach to creating my marketing campaign. It was quick easy and most importantly very effective for our studio’s PR Launch and telling the people of Brisbane about us!" - Edan Dalton

Charity Cups


At charitycups.org we provide you with the most innovative marketing strategy to generate you more clientele and business sales. Your branded coffee cups are provided free to participating distributors; with a percentage of our proceeds from every single cup ever distributed to your elected charity. We strongly believe that the right business model can change society in a positive way; and through utilising our business model, consumers will forever see your brand in a positive light. Enhance your business’ reach and advertise with a difference through charitycups.org. Join our mission to a brighter, more positive future for all.


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