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  • How much money goes to charity?

    2.5 cents from every single cup distributed gets donated to charity, therefore the total amount donated will depend on the total number of cups purchased.

  • How do you determine which charity you donate to?

    The advertiser elects where the proceeds of their advertising will be donated.

  • How do you target my demographic?

    Each cafe within our database and is classified into a demographic which allows us to ensure your targeted audience is being reached through your campaign.

  • How long can my campaign last?

    The total length of your campaign is determined by you.

  • How many cups can I receive as a distributor?

    We are able to provide the same amount your establishment was previously ordering +/-10%. Depending on the campaign order and availability, will determine how many months worth of cups will be provided.

  • What if I don't like what the cups look like?

    No problem! Prior to receiving the cups you will be sent an Artwork Approval form where you can simply accept or deny (for what ever reason) our offer of free coffee cups.

  • Do I still need to order from my current supplier? operates on a campaign basis, therefore we can not commit to a set number of cups available. You will be contacted when a campaign is available; in the meantime you continue using your current supplier as you are now.

  • Are the cups environmentally friendly?

    Yes. Our recommended cup option is commercially compostable and utilises a recycled paper outer wall.

  • What size / wall & GSM cups are you able to source?

    We are able to provide your establishment with 12oz. double-wall 280gsm cups.

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Charity Cups T&C:
The Charity Cups provided will be used;

1 ) For coffee sales to consumers in store only.
2) Prior to using any other cups upon receiving your order.
Note: You will always approve cup artwork prior to dispatch to your cafe.

Charity Cups


At we provide you with the most innovative marketing strategy to generate you more clientele and business sales. Your branded coffee cups are provided free to participating distributors; with a percentage of our proceeds from every single cup ever distributed to your elected charity. We strongly believe that the right business model can change society in a positive way; and through utilising our business model, consumers will forever see your brand in a positive light. Enhance your business’ reach and advertise with a difference through Join our mission to a brighter, more positive future for all.


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