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In Cafés Everywhere

Each cafe is classified based on consumer demographic and geographical location, therefore you chose your ideal advertisement setting.

Complete CSR Campaign

Utilising our tried and tested method, you receive the positive exposure from an integrated Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.

Your Unique Branding

Let us help you create your perfect cup; with our in house graphic design team happy to assist with your cup design.

The Charitable Donation

Your campaign with includes a donation on your behalf to a registered charity willing to accept business to business donations.

Why Choose Charity Cup Advertising?
Your Customers
are Connected.
More than 30+ Minutes of
Brand Exposure

With charity cup advertising you receive more than 30 minutes of exposure with each and every consumer who engages with  your cup. Furthermore, each person then becomes part of your marketing team, and your campaign could gain access where conventional advertising could not reach. Get your army of walking billboards today!

We are the Economical Marketing Solution.


Offering a high exposure rate per person / per interaction; we are the perfect economical marketing solution for your next marketing campaign.  Or why not integrate us with your  traditional form of brand advertising and reach a wider audience today!

Six times the Audience.

With all Charity Cup campaigns, we customise a tailor made solution for your brand. Once we identify your ideal demographic and geographical placement we create a report identifying the location and placement of each cup.

Customer Briefing

Step 1

Our Creative Process

The 4 Steps of Success

As this is your campaign, you decide where the proceeds go. The organisation must be internationally recognised or registered with Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission and accept our donation.

Your Contribution

Step 3

Haven’t got your own graphic designer or simply not sure what to put on the cup? We can help. Our in house graphic design team is happy to assist in designing and creating your perfect cup!

Charity Cup Creation

Step 2

It is important to be recognised for your contribution to society and consumers will see that through your charity cup campaign. Implement a Corporate Social Responsibility program into your marketing budget today!

Positive Exposure

Step 4

Integrate your campaign  with us for your next project.
Your Perfect Partner
TV Advertising Campaign

Integrate your Television marketing campaign with a coffee cup advertising program by and engage with a wider audience and further your brand exposure today!

National Radio Campaign
Have an existing Radio campaign and want to reach more people? Complement your campaign with your branding on coffee cups, all over Australia. Contact us to find out how.
Magazine Publication

Are you currently advertising in magazine publications and want even more people to engage with  your brand? Gain further positive publicity with a campaign.

Billboard Advertisements
Have you considered outdoor advertising with a national Billboard campaign? Why not accompany this with your very own walking army of billboards! Find out more today.
Newspaper Promotion Run

Do you have a newspaper promotion run in the works and are looking for a way to gain even more clients?  Contact us today to get started with your very own campaign.

Online Marketing Strategy

Incorporate your current online marketing strategy with a physical counterpart - the 'Charity Cup'. Reach even more of your targeted demographic. Call us today to get started!

Charity Cups


At we provide you with the most innovative marketing strategy to generate you more clientele and business sales. Your branded coffee cups are provided free to participating distributors; with a percentage of our proceeds from every single cup ever distributed to your elected charity. We strongly believe that the right business model can change society in a positive way; and through utilising our business model, consumers will forever see your brand in a positive light. Enhance your business’ reach and advertise with a difference through Join our mission to a brighter, more positive future for all.


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